Our Team

Manoj Kalita , Managing Director

After tasting success in the field of Electronic Industry with “Spectrum”, Mr Kalita an ardent foodie with an energetic soul, put some thought into his food plan, and this is how Kalita Spectrum came into being. Mr Kalita, a self-made man who has travelled around the world and has witnessed various exciting traditions and savoured innovative dishes. Taking creative food inspiration from places such as U.K, U.S., France, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and more, the enthusiastic man soaked in this culture and traditions and decided to bring it to Guwahati.

This renowned personality has endeavoured to give the city of Guwahati a warm and homely experience to the foodies with world-class amenities, exotic ethnic food, appealing ambience.

A graduate in Agriculture, Kalita has earned the title "Serial Entrepreneur" after he established Spectrum as one of the top-selling electronics brand showrooms in Guwahati in 2003. He is the pioneer in bringing the concept of EMI/loan credit to Assam, and his flamboyant behaviour and attitude has helped a great deal in expanding his business.

Barnali Sarma , Managing Director

An outspoken woman with unreserved thoughts and opinion, Mrs. BarnaliSarma is the wife of Manoj Kalita who stumbled upon this career with sheer determination to strengthen the family business. She is one confident woman who isn’t the one to shy away from hard work.

A skillful badminton player by choice, Mrs. Barnali has represented the state on various platforms. With an experience of 22 years in the insurance industry, she has also provided her constant support to Kalita Spectrum since its inception. The charismatic woman has an eye for detail, and her leadership quality is another point towards the restaurant’s overwhelming success.

Rajkamal Bora, F & B Manager

 Extremely dedicated and committed to his work, Raj Kamal Bora is associated with Kalita Spectrum since the time of its inception. He is a familiar face with the guests as he caters to their issues and service concerns when need be. Apart from this, Bora takes the lead in handling day to day operations to attract and aware our customers. He is responsible for delivering an excellent and satisfying customer experience overall, and we consider as one of the threads that hold the organization together. 

Keshav Pradhan, Executive Chef

With a jovial attitude and cheerful aura, our Executive Chef Keshav Pradhan is winning hearts not only by his amazing culinary skills but also because of his lovable personality. After a long tenure of 20 years in this field, Pradhan has developed his own innovative take on Assamese cuisine, where he infuses certain exciting flavors. He has worked in Mumbai for more than ten years in renowned places such as Tunga International. His best work is reflected in the form of his experience in Iora Resort in Kaziranga where he confidently ruled as the Head Chef.  Pradhan continues to draw inspiration from his sophisticated, food-loving clientele, in addition to the restaurant's beautiful ambiance.

 Srimanta Hazarika, Master Chef-Indian

     An inspiring figure, a self-learned chef, Srimanta Hazarika has conquered the food industry 25 years back and is still going strong. He has a list of amazing places where he has worked and gained knowledge, which further triggered his interest in cooking. From Film City Mumbai to Juhu Chowpatty, from Banaras to New Delhi he has set his name as a promising brand. He best part is Hazarika does not have favorites when it comes to cuisines. He does justice to all of them and proudly displays an assorted spread of cuisines be it Chinese, Continental, South Indian, Indian, Assamese and more.